Friday, 19 February 2010

Palestine 6

The Palestinian Issue

Question: What is the way to proceed regarding the Palestinian issue, which has, as the days pass, escalated in terms of complexity and violence?

Response: Certainly, the Muslim(s) feel much pain and great sadness at the deteriorating situation in Palestine, with matters going from bad to worse, escalating in complexity as the days pass, such that it has reached where it has (today). This is due to the differing (occurring) between the neighbouring countries, and their lack of united resistance against their enemy, and (likewise) their lack of adherence to the Sharee'ah which Allaah has linked to victory (and success). (This is also in addition to) the enemy vowing to oppose (the Palestinians) and remain upon the (Palestinians') land. And this entails great danger and adverse consequences.

The neighbouring countries need to rush to unite in their resistance (against the enemy) and adhere to the Sharee'ah in confronting this issue, which concerns them and all of the Muslim world.

And that which is worth mentioning here, is that the Palestinian issue is an Islamic issue from the beginning (right through) to the end. However, the enemies of Islam have strived immensely to distance it (this issue) from the Islamic path and convey to the non-Arab Muslims that this is an Arab issue, and that it does not concern the non-Arabs. It appears they have succeeded in this to a certain extent. This is why I feel it is not possible to reach a solution regarding this issue unless it is deemed an Islamic issue, and the Muslims support one another in salvation, and make jihaad against the Jews in an Islamic manner, until such time the land (of the Palestinians) is returned to its (rightful Palestinian) owners. (In addition to) the trespassing Jews returning to their (own) lands where they came from, thereby leaving the true Jews to remain in their lands under the rule of Islam, and not communism and nor secularism. Thereby, truth shall prevail and falsehood will be abandoned, and all rightful owners shall return to their lands under Islamic rule, and not under any other (rule).

And Allaah is the Expounder of Success.

Shaykh Ibn Baaz
Majmoo' Fataawa wa Maqaalaat Mutanawwi'ah - Volume 1, Page 277


PLEASE NOTE: Terrorism is haraam in Islam, and this fatwa does not in any way or form imply it's permissibility or acceptance. Rather, it provides a qualified Islamic legal ruling to oppose those who have caused oppression by occupying Palestinian land.

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